Meet Meghan!

I'm so happy you are here!

Hi sweet friends! My name is Meghan and I have been an Early Childhood Educator for 12 years, I am passionate about all things early learning! I have always implemented a variety of sensory play options in each of my classrooms throughout the years and have seen the benefits first hand. A few of those being language development, fine-tuning motor skills, awareness and adaptability, and problem solving. One of my favorite ways to incorporate sensory play is with play dough trays. I will create a tray full of different trinkets to go along with whatever theme we are doing at that time. It was actually a parent of one of my students who sparked the idea for my Whimsy Binz business. Her daughter loved the play dough trays and the mom joked with me about sending one home with her! It got my wheels spinning and a year later here we are! I couldn't pass up the opportunity to create a product that benefits children in so many ways as well as offers parents a screen free way to entertain their little ones. These binz are a perfect way for your kids to learn and play. Great for ages 3-8, but really can entertain any child who loves to create, imagine and explore!